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Client Referrals

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To phone in a referral, please call (844)-883-0796 to speak to a dedicated Assessment Coordinator.

Makos Health Associates provides:

  • Single and multi-disciplinary direct assessments and paper reviews for the determination of post-accident impairments and disputes regarding eligibility for medical and rehabilitation benefits and specified benefits.
  • File consultation services to determine whether an assessment should be considered or to provide the adjuster with information regarding potential issues and/or disputes regarding benefits, services, and clinical claims management.
  • Pre-mediation/arbitration file reviews and assessments to identify or corroborate clinical issues such as degree of impairment, disability entitlement, disputes over payment for medical and rehabilitation services, reasonableness of fees, etc.
  • Tailored Services: We recognize your business needs are unique. Our process allows the flexibility and adaptability required to deliver to your specifications. Makos Health Associates is equipped to adapt to your needs and deliver exceptional service.


As part of the MAKOS Advantage, we’d like to ensure that we are providing you with Accessible Experts, Superior Reporting and Dedicated Customer Service. We strive to continuously provide you with exceptional service, and accordingly we welcome any feedback regarding your experiences with us. Please provide us with your feedback regarding a specific referral, or your overall experience.

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Our goal is to consistently exceed your expectations. At Makos Health Associates we know your business is evolving and that the bar is always getting higher. Over the past two decades, we have developed three areas of excellence that drive everything we do:

Accessible Experts:

“…(clinical staff) provide me with the most appropriate health-care practitioner to address injuries.”

“The staff is always around to review and discuss the findings of assessments. The results help with future file planning and address any future issues that may be a concern.”

“Concerns are always brought directly to my attention before the reports are sent out.”

Superior Reports:

“All my reports from Makos are excellent. The quality is consistent; the reports are easy to read.”

“I will never get a ‘maybe’ …the answers are concrete, saying Yes or No and providing explanation.”

“On busy days I can easily find the information I’m looking for to make necessary decisions, allowing me to review the entire report at a better time.”

Dedicated Customer Service:

“The assessment coordinator I work with is amazing. To speak to a dedicated coordinator makes things much easier and more efficient.”

“With one phone call I have the date, time, assessor, translator and transportation set up allowing for a once and done assessment referral process.”

“…one of the many reasons I continue to turn to Makos…She is friendly, ready to help, her patience is unmatched.”

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