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Few IME companies are as discerning in screening and selecting assessors to roster as Makos Health Associates. Our assessors are all highly experienced practitioners with a minimum of 5 years experience in clinical practice, and most have double that. Their professional training has been supplemented by instruction specific to the conduct of Independent Medical Examinations. In addition, they have all undergone orientation and training to ensure their assessments and reports meet MHA’s rigorous quality standards.

Regardless of their experience or number or years providing IME services to other companies, MHA assessors undergo a period of report review as well as ongoing monitoring, in order to ensure that they are meeting our reporting requirements related to company format, scope and comprehensiveness of answers to referral questions. We achieve this by:

  • Providing tools and administrative assistance to streamline file review and report production times
  • Providing access to experienced in-house clinicians to discuss any issues that may arise during an assessment or the completion of a report and for consensus building on multi-disciplinary reports.
  • Providing updates and summaries regarding statutory or regulatory issues, FSCO guidelines, pertinent arbitration cases and relevant seminar information.
  • Providing clerical and administrative support during report production and ensuring that all assessors receive copies of the final report we send to the insurer.

If you are a health care practitioner with experience in providing IMEs and you would like to join Makos Health Associates, please forward your Curriculum Vitae to info@makoshealth.com

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