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Accessible Experts:

Clinical consultation: Our clinicians help you determine which type of assessment is required, which health-care practitioner is most appropriate, and many other file management decisions. In some cases, our advice can eliminate the need for an assessment altogether.

Experience and expertise: Definitive determinations from experienced assessors. Opinions/findings that are complete and provide a defensible position that is explicitly outlined and backed by sound rationale.

Superior Reports:

Quality Reports: Clear answers to your questions, information you can easily find, understand, and act on quickly. Fewer call-backs looking for clarification, and a precision in our conclusions that makes a difference should arbitration or litigation ensue.

Dedicated Customer Service:

Skilled Assessment Coordinators: A dedicated Assessment Coordinator manages your referral from start to finish. They become accustomed to your unique needs and requirements and significantly ease the referral process. Your referral becomes their priority.


Makos Health Associates offers a wide range of health-assessment services to insurers, employers, and legal representatives. Our highly skilled and specialized health-care professionals provide an extraordinary depth of expertise and experience and our administrative team ensures assessments are conducted in a timely and efficient...

MHA receives a SOC 2® Type 2 report annually.

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